This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

 Joan Bateman is the owner and operator of a full service Corporate and Portrait Studio in Canada, In fact,  it's one of the largest & oldest studios in Canada, having began in 1918.                              

 ( No, Joan's not THAT old :-D)                                                     ( )

Joan is the Creative Director and regular contributor of photos and editorials for Spotlight Magazine.                        ( )

She has been the "House" photographer for New York Couture Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria/New Yorker Hotel/Crowne Plaza, and also covers Mercedes Benz Fashion week SWIM in Miami.  Thus capable of providing plenty of  fashion stock.
Joan is more than willing to travel anywhere on assignments. She loves editorial and Documentary and is great at it. Equipped with a creative eye, she is able to provide traditional as well as avant-garde work & is skilled in all aspects of photomanipulation. Joan is a regular contributor of travel photography for News and print.

Her membership with CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) attests to her love of delivering fabulous keynote speeches

Joan helps individuals and photographers "create positive self esteem experiences." With over a dozen years of experience as a photographer, psychiatric nurse, speaker, educator, counselor, hairstylist & aesthetician; Joan will help you gain personal confidence, develop client relationships, and earn a positive reputation in your community. Her extensive knowledge, combined with a refreshing, honest and open-minded approach, makes Joan incredible and unique.

Joan is in New York /Miami/Vancouver and Toronto/Windsor on a consistent basis .She has access to plenty of models  and venues, so she would love to incorporate your job or event into her schedule!!